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New in August

The DipStick, a revolutionary new tool for portable concentrate vaping. Unlike any other vaporizer available, The DipStick does not require messy loading or long down-times due to low batteries. Just dip and go! The DipStick was built with the most powerful heating elements on the market. Designed to satisfy everyone from the average consumer to the experienced connoisseur, The DipStick allows you to choose your vapor intake, ranging from small hits to LARGE clouds.


 Easy to use * Instant Heat up * Rebuildable Vapor Tip * 3 Years No * Hassle Warranty *  Compact Design * Durable * Clicktight Magnetic Top * Excellent flavor * Available in 2 Colors (Black, Silver) * Discrete * Innovative battery Life * Rechargeable / Replaceable Batteries 

The Dip Stick isn't exactly a vaporizer.  It's used like a straw with a vaporizing ceramic tip.  No chamber to pack or dabber to use. Simple and efficient!

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